3D printing face shields

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Files and printing instructions

We've tested a couple of versions, both seem to work. The Prusa design is a bit bigger, gives more space in front of the face, and is a bit more comfortable. The Verkstan design is smaller, prints faster, and has simpler assembly. We've printed nearly 400 of the Prusa design so far, and are now switching to the Verkstan so that we can make enough to keep up with the demand.

Verkstan Protective Visor

This is the version we're printing right now

Prusa Protective Face Shield

This design is well documented and tested
  • They keep the files and instructions well updated on their website here:
  • https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/25857-prusa-face-shield
  • This one generally takes at least 2 hours to print
  • The website has careful and useful instructions for 3D printing protective equipment even if you're working with a different design, so check it out regularly.

Bril Protective Safety Glasses

This was traced from a pair of Halyard SAFEVIEW safety glasses, and consists of a basic 3D printed frame and a lens that threads over the arms of the frame.

Version 2 of our frame design is here
Version 1 of our frame design is here
Original design / product is here

Print settings

Settings are a bit different for each design. We're mostly printing in PLA since we don't have much PETG.

  • 0.25mm layer height
  • 30% infill
  • 3 perimeters
  • 3 solid top and bottom layers
  • no support
  • Our advice is to keep checking the Prusa website regularly, and to read the instructions super carefully, especially the part that says PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY.
  • 0.2mm layer height
  • 100% infill
  • 5 perimeters
  • 5 solid top and bottom layers
  • no support
  • 40 mm/s print speed


We have a fancy new spreadsheet to keep track of our production, with the number of headbands printed, assembled, delivered, and how many we still have to go.


Cleaning instructions

For anyone using the masks and needing to sanitize / disinfect them, Prusa is conducting tests with the Czech Ministry of Health using different techniques and they have instructions at the link below:


This is also undergoing updates as they learn more, so check it regularly.


Due to printing times of 2 hours per unit and up, we're starting to explore some quicker printing design options. Here are the designs we're testing, and results of those tests for those we've tried.

Prusa remix "nano"
printed in about half the time, a bit narrow so less comfortable on the forehead and temples
Prusa remix "slim"
better, still pinches on the temples
Lean shield
Very thin design looks fragile. Printing instructions resulted in failed print, no working prototype.
Works well, laser cut shield design needed adjusting. Approved by NHS.
2-part Verkstan remix
not yet tested, should be able to print more on smaller printers
Prusa remix "rc2x"
not yet tested
Prusa remix "imperator"
not yet tested
Prusa remix "diadema"
not yet tested


In the future this will probably expand to have other devices but for now it's all face shields. We have an exemption for the coming lockdown, so we'll be able to pick them up from your house. The protocol is to communicate in advance and arrange a time for pickup, and to leave a bag or box with the sealed prints in front of your house, at the end of your driveway or outside the gate. We can also coordinate sharing of materials in the same way if needed.

In the meantime, keep on printing, and limit contact with each other as much as possible, practice social distancing, respect #kedacas and shelter in place rules, and stay healthy. And wash your hands again and again and again!