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Biggabot is our Trash Printer, a 3D printer we put together that uses shredded plastic as feedstock.

It was built using the leftover frame from our expanded Shapeoko CNC machine, with a Filastruder plastic extruder mounted onto it, and using parts from the local hardware store, scraps from old photocopy machines, and a few parts from Amazon to get it working.

Currently it is still in development, but we've had the most success in printing small, single-walled round objects using polypropylene (PP). We've also tested it with high density polyethylene (HDPE) and found that the warping of the plastic as it cools is a big challenge.


Tech specs

Controller board
Keyestudio Ks0089 MKS BaseV1.2

Useful links

Experimental notes
Firmware with mods
Filastruder docs
OnShape model of plastic feeder
NEMA 17 to 23 adapter plate