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COVID-19 Response

As a makerspace with a team of makers, we have some tools and skills to make things. Globally, there are shortages of some basic medical equipment, so right now we're working with medical professionals in Aruba to see what equipment they work with, and for which they think supplies might be tight in the future, and which we can make reliable versions of. Right now, we're working on three main projects with this:

If you are in Aruba and have sewing skills or a 3D printer, please get in touch with us so we can coordinate our efforts. You can also click the above links to see what we're doing, even if you're just curious.

We also have a guide on how you can contribute to fighting the virus from home, by setting up your laptop with Folding at home to simulate COVID-19 proteins working towards a better understanding of the disease and potential treatments.

Most importantly, wear a mask when you're out, keep distance, avoid closed spaces and crowded places, stay home and if you have symptoms call your doctor. Stay healthy!

Brenchie's Other Projects

Our space

Brenchie's Lab is a network of publicly accessible makerspaces. We have spaces in both Biblioteca Nacional Aruba locations in Oranjestad and in San Nicolas, a mobile makerspace called Mo-B Lab that visits a different school every two weeks, and a plastic recycling makerspace called Plastic Beach Party in the mainstreet of Oranjestad, next to Maggy's. We have digital design and fabrication tools, expertise, and space for anyone to explore ideas and projects of all sorts. We are open every weekday from 12pm until close, so drop by to see what's going on!

Currently, we have the following equipment available for use:

We just got our wiki back up and running, so we still have a lot to add. If you have any ideas for things that should be on here, or if you have something to contribute, feel free to suggest, edit, or create new pages. For more information about how, consult the User's Guide for using the wiki software.

Getting started